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HERMES plans to implement a total of 135 student and staff mobilities (114 and 21 for students and members of staff respectively)

According to the Erasmus Mundus principles, there is a strong bias in favour of Third Country university members visiting European Union universities. Therefore,

27 mobilities will involve European Union students (23) and staff (4) visiting Third Country universities and

108 mobilities will involve Third Country students (91) and staff (17) visiting European Union universities.

 The mobilities will be implemented in two cohorts. The first (68 grants) will start in September 2014 and the second (67 grants) in September 2015.

According to Erasmus Mundus rules, the Selection Committee is free to make minor changes to these numbers, depending on demand (for instance, it can  award a slightly larger number if there are more applications for shorter periods of study).

Although HERMES has already awarded more grants than planned (154), some funds are still available. The coordinators have therefore decided to organise a fourth cohort, which will start in January 2016. This fourth cohort is addressed exclusively to PhD candidates (Mobility 3), because this category has been under-represented so far.

The first call for applications was issued in November 2013; the second call was announced in October 2014; the third call was issued in October 2015; the fourth call opens on 17 October 2016 and the application platform will be open until 31 October 2016.