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Academic Offerings

The partner universities offer courses in the Humanities and in some related areas.

Candidates should keep in mind that, even when other subjects are on offer, applications for purely Humanities subjects will have precedence over those for other subjects.

The Humanities are understood here in the most common meaning of the term, as the disciplines concerned with the products of the human mind and artistic activity. Thus, they include not only the subjects found under the Humanities heading in the Erasmus list of subject area codes (08: Philosophy, Theology, Archaeology and History), but also Languages and Literatures (Ancient, Medieval and Modern), Linguistics and the Arts.

Our academic offer also includes interdisciplinary fields that combine the Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as those of the Social Sciences that are particularly closely associated to the Humanities: Areal Studies, Cultural Studies, Social Anthropology-Ethnology-Ethnography-Folkloristics, Education (including Teacher Training) in relation to Humanities subjects, Communication Studies (associated mainly through Linguistics) and Law (associated mainly through Jurisprudence).

The Erasmus Subject Area Codes that our offer covers in their entirety are 08 (Humanities), 09 (Languages and Philological Sciences), 03 (Art and Design), along with selected subjects from 05 (Education, Teacher Training), 14 (Social Sciences), 15 (Communication and Information Sciences) & 10 (Law).

An overview of the academic subjects on offer is to be found in this website in the section on each university; the links provided on the application platform offer more details on the content of the courses and the language(s) required, as well as the e-mails of the relevant contact person.

The platform contains the study programmes that are offered by each university. The individual courses that these programmes consist of can be found on the relevant websites; links are provided on the platform. Exchange students can select courses from any semester and from any of the study programmes offered by their host university through HERMES, provided their study plan is approved by both the home and the host university. Full MA degree grantees have to follow the study programme of the host university.

The fourth cohort (second part of academic year 2016-17) will include exclusively PhD candidates (mobility 3); no other mobilities are available at this time.


Applicants are advised to consult the websites of the partner universities before they apply via the on-line platform. Both PhD and Post-Doc candidates should get in touch with professors or lecturers who will provide letters stating that they will supervise or work with them during their stay at the host University. The platform ( https://emecw.gis.lu.se/apply/?lot=HERMES ) will open on the 17th October 2016 and applications can be submitted until the 31st October 2016.