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Προβολή εκδήλωσης


The Final Curtain

Final HERMES Meeting, Athens, 12-13 July 2017

The final meeting of the fourteen HERMES partners, preceded by the final Quality Assessment Board meeting, took place at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens on the 12th and 13th of July.

The UoA HERMES team wishes to extend its warmest thanks to the Joint Coordinator (Tbilisi State University) and to all its partners for the excellent four years of collaboration, which will, we sincerely hope, continue during the next years.

The entire partnership wishes to thank the EACEA and the European Commission for their trust in selecting HERMES as an Erasmus Mundus project and for offering their assistance during its implementation.

Last but not least, the partnership wishes to thank all the men and women who applied for HERMES scholarships and all those who, after being selected, attended courses or worked at the host universities as students or members of staff.

We are certain that the multi-faceted experience that all these people gained through their visits to the countries and universities involved in the project will benefit not only them personally, but also their host and home universities and countries. The reports from our grantees convince us that the project has been successful on the whole and that it has met its goals, and then some more: we are happy to announce that apart from everything else it resulted in three weddings!

Our best wishes to everyone for the future - and remember that you can stay in touch with each other through our Facebook page!